Alan Lowndes (1921-1978)   Alan Lowndes (1921-1978)  

Alan Lowndes (1921-1978)

Our Alan Lowndes painting of a Dromedary is a beautiful signed gouache in excellent condition measuring Height 5.6 inches x Width 9.3 inches (H19cms x Width 23.5cms). The painting is available £2950 plus ARR subject to prior sale. (Item 128).

Alan Lowndes was born in Heaton Norris in a suburb of Stockport in 1921. He grew up as the son of a railway clerk and left school at the age of 14 being apprenticed as a decorator. Lowndes is known for his bright palate painting a diverse range of works centred on Industrial Northern England, Beach scenes and the Middle East where he spent some time in the army during World War II. He studied his craft during the evenings at Stockport College and started painting full time in the 1940’s. He became part of the St Ives Group and was influenced by Ben Nicholson and more notably Sir Terry Frost who championed his cause and proclaimed him a greater painter than L S Lowry and like Lowry he was very much a working class artist. He was taken on by The Crane Kalman Gallery in Manchester where he had a successful number of one man shows and also achieved some international success with a solo show at the Osborn Gallery in New York. He had retrospectives at both the Stockport Art Gallery and at Crane Kalman in 1995. Such is the success of his distinctive style that his reputation has soared with a further retrospective a Crane Kalman in 2010 and a book on his life and works by Jonathan Riley. He was taken up by The Crane Kalman Gallery in Manchester, where he had a number of one man shows, later showing at Crane Kalman, London. He also showed solo at the Osborn Gallery in New York, Curlew Gallery, Southport and had retrospectives at The Stockport Art Gallery and tour in 1972 and at Crane Kalman in 1995.

Name Dimensions Price  
Dromedary Height 5.6 inches x Width 9.3 inches (H19cms x Width 23.5cms) £2950