Samantha Taylor-Wood (1967 – )   Samantha Taylor-Wood (1967 – )  

Samantha Taylor-Wood (1967 – )

This beautiful Sam Taylor Wood photo from 2003 of Jude Law from the famous and successful Crying Men series is available £POA, subject to prior sale. (Item 206).

Samantha Taylor-Wood (1967 – ) OBE was born Samantha Taylor in 1967 and is a prominent English film maker, photographer and visual artist. She is the daughter of David and Geraldine and grew up near Streatham Common London with her younger sister called Ashley. As a child after her father left her mother enrolled them in a family commune which she hated. Her mother later re married and then separated later on leaving Taylor-Wood in the care of her step-father. She also gained a maternal step brother named Kristian. Her fine art career started in the 1990’s with an exhibition of photography in collaboration with Henry Bond. In 1994 she exhibited a multi-screen video work called “Killing Time” and this type of work then became her focus. She was nominated for a Turner Prize in 1998, losing out to painter Chris Ofili but did win the Illy Café Prize for most promising artist at the 1997 Venice Biennale. In 2000 she produced the wraparound work whilst Selfridges was being restored, which consisted of a mural with 21 cultural icons on it. She was also commissioned in 2002 to produce a video portrait of David Beckham by the National Portrait Gallery, which she chose to do of him sleeping. However perhaps her best known work is the series “Crying Men” which includes many of Hollywood’s glitterati including Paul Newman, Robin Williams, Sean Penn and Jude Law. There are no passive sitters; each of the actors invests emotion in the role with a range of cathartic crying through to quiet tears of regret.

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