Christopher Wood (1900 – 1930)   Christopher Wood (1900 – 1930)  

Christopher Wood (1900 – 1930)

The male nude we have available for sale is a particularly well executed Christopher Wood pencil drawing on paper and it measures Height 12 ½ x Width 15 ½ inches (H31.75cms x W39.37cms) and is for sale £POA, subject to prior sale. (Item 202).

Christopher Wood unfortunately only had a short life. Following his birth in Knowsley Liverpool in 1900 to Mrs Clare and Dr Lucius Wood he lived only 30 years. At 14 he began to draw following a bout of septicemia and went on in 1919/20 to study architecture at Liverpool University. He was invited by French collector Alphonse Kahn to study in Paris at Acadamie Julian. There he met Augustus John and mixed in artistic circles meeting diplomat Antoine Ganderillas through whom he met Picasso, Cocteau and got introduced to Opium. By 1926 Wood was asked to design scenes for a ballet production of Romeo & Juliet but they were abandoned last minute and he returned to England, joining the London Group. He also joined Seven and Five Society where he became friends with Ben and Winifred Nicholson with whom he exhibited work at Beaux Art Gallery.Winifred supported Christopher Wood through his unsuccessful elopement with Meraud Guiness. However whilst spending time with Ben Nicholson, he had a chance encounter with naive painter and fishermen Alfred Wallis whose primitive expression help Wood develop his own personal style. The culmination of his short life was his tragic death by throwing himself under a London train and it was considered a symptom of his withdrawal from Opium.

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