Contact Richwood Fine Art

Richwood Fine Art Ltd is based in the United Kingdom and either Keith Richards or Ken Hailwood, directors of the business, would be pleased to assist you with your enquiry. Our contact details are below.

Richwood Fine Art Ltd.

Keith’s Direct Line: +44(0)1257-462613
Keith’s Mobile: 07798933701

Ken’s Direct Line: +44(0)1257-462003
Ken’s Mobile: 07798933616



Alternatively in addition to the information above, if there is anything you want to enquire about please do not hesitate to contact us via the submission form below; we’d be delighted to help. Registering your specific interests via the submission form is a useful way of letting us know what you are on the lookout for, as we are constantly evolving our portfolio of products and can contact you as and when we come across something we feel may be of interest to you.