Antique Japanese Arita Bowl

The town of Arita was the heart of Japanese porcelain production. Arita was in the former Hizen Province and was responsible for the production of a great deal of ceramics, which were exported to Europe from the port of Imari, hence giving rise to the names Imari Ware and Arita Ware. Many ceramics were produced from the mid 17th century through the 18th century up to the present day and they were produced both in Japan and China. Though there are many different types of Arita, the perception in the west is of the Kinrande type which has a cobalt blue underglaze and the subject matter typically ranges from flowers and foliage through to people, scenery and abstraction.

We have a lovely rectangular 19th century Arita dish with a blue central panel and polychrome panel borders. The dish measures 21 centimetres in length and is in very good condition and available subject to prior sale for £375. (item 157).

Name Dimensions Price
Antique Japanese Arita Bowl £375