Dunhill Aquarium Lighter

A beautiful Dunhill Aquarium Half Giant lighter with Lucite panels representing fresh water fish swimming amongst rocks and plant life. The lighter measures 10 cm in length is in excellent condition and offered for £1990 subject to prior sale. (Item 147).

The Dunhill Aquarium Lighter as it is known is a great example of 1950’s kitsch. Alfred Dunhill luckily had amongst his employees in the mid 1950’s to late 1960’s an employee called Ben Shillingford whose unique skill set enabled him to engrave these lighters and produce them in a range of sizes and finishes. No two lighters are exactly the same and the design involved carving and hand painting Lucite panels into the beautiful images like the lighter we are offering.

The vast majority of lighters represent aquatic scenes hence the name and there is never a mix of sea water and fresh water fish. Some of the rarer lighters have scenes of birds, hunting, horse racing or very rarely heraldry or even the Bluebird car. The lighter came in Service, Half Giant and Giant sizes together with a chrome plated, silver plated or gold plated finish and were fuelled with petrol. The service size is the smaller of the selection and there are fewer of these models in existence. These lighters are rare, valuable and highly collectible apart from making a wonderful decorative object to grace any home.

Name Dimensions Price
Dunhill Aquarium Lighter £1990