Our lovely 19th Century Silver gilt and Cloisonné enamel Kovsh marked with the Russian 84 Zolotniks Standard (875 Silver) and a work master’s initials of possibly Nikolay Strulyev Moskow 1899-1908 or Maria Semenova 1896-1908 and is marked on the underside. The enamel is in excellent condition.

The Kovsh was originally made from wood in the form of a swimming duck or goose whose head and bill constituted the handle and used for drinking mead. In the 14th Century the first metal ones appeared and the term Kovsh became established around that time. The most important ones were those of the 16th century onwards, which were given by Tzars’ and emperors’ for services rendered. They became ornamental in 17th Century and were given as gifts to Royal Households and governments in 19th Century. By the middle of the 19th century the Kovsh was not a popular item and only became so again at the end of the 19th century as objects of historical curiosity.

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Kovsh £